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Water Damage

Carpets and rugs are delicate pieces for floor covering and decoration. When not taken proper care, they get damaged easily. Whether the damage is due to the daily wear and tear or due to reasons like water getting on your carpet, it needs repair.

Especially in case of water damage, carpets need immediate repair. So take no chances in such situations. Instead, call us – Carpet Cleaning WDC, a professional carpet cleaning firm.




Importance of Carpet Cleaning after Water Damage

Carpets damaged with water need immediate attention, or it can directly affect the way your house looks. It may also result in the following:

1.   Irrespective of how expensive your carpet or rug is, if not cleaned on time, could have long-term                   damage; a damage that cannot be repaired later. You’ll either have to replace it with a new one or                keep  your house without a carpet.

   However, on time carpet cleaning DC saves your time, money, and of course your carpet from getting         damaged completely.

2.  Wet carpets/rugs sometimes form mold, which is not good for the family. On one hand it damages your      expensive rugs, on the other it also causes various health problems to the family members roaming          around.

   Mold release toxic spores in the air that causes breathing problems besides many other. So, it  is     significant to have the water damaged carpets cleaned immediately.


How Carpet Cleaning WDC can Help?

Our company specializes in water damage restoration. This service is available 7 days a week and is also available in case of emergencies. All our offices in Washington, Maryland and Virginia have this service.

  • We first analyze the type of water that came in contact with the carpet – hot water, rain water, water released from pipe leakage, drain water, etc.
  •  We understand the material of the rug. It’s important.
  • Then using an equipment, water is extracted completely.
  • Later dehumidifiers and air-movers are used to quickly dry-up the wet areas. Doing so removes the moisture and restricts the growth of mold.

The process may slightly differ if the carpet is contacted by contaminated water. So only after thoroughly analysis, our professionals decide what procedure and equipments to use.

In case your carpet is water damaged and you’re looking for a cleaning service, we’re just a call or an email away.