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Rug Repair

Rug or carpet is used in living room, dining room, bedroom, patio, or absolutely any place in the house (of course, except the bathrooms). Though a rug is delicate, the usage is rough. It needs timely cleaning and care for a long-life. The wear and tear, however, is obvious over a period of time. You’re left with two options – repair, replace.

Being a homeowner, you can try rug repair option rather than just replacing it with a new one. We, Carpet Cleaning WDC, do offer rug repair services at various places in America, especially in Washington, Virginia, and Maryland. As a Carpet Cleaning DC Company, rug repair is one of our daily jobs.

Carpet Cleaning WDC undertakes rug repair, area rug cleaning, rug restoration, carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, and other works. These works are performed by skilled professionals.




Rug Repair Works We Perform

Rugs are damaged in more ways than just one. But whatever, the damage is, we repair it all. From torn areas of the rug, stains, to damaged or curled edges and corners, our teams are equipped to perform every repair task.


When is Rug Repair Needed?

1. When you see too many stains of the rug, it’s high time you examine it carefully. You may probably also find some traces of wear and tear on it. The knots coming out of the fringes, the edges becoming curled, so on and so forth. These reasons call for an immediate rug repair work.

2. Some areas of the rug are torn due to chairs and soled shoes. Having noticed it, call us, a rug repair service. Our carpet cleaning Washington DC, carpet cleaning Rockville MD, carpet cleaning Bethesda MD, and all other offices offer this service. So feel free to get in touch with us.

3. If you do not notice anything wrong with the rug, however, would want an expert to take a look. It’s fine. We do that too. We examine your rug carefully, do repair (if necessary), and give ideas and suggestions to lengthen its life.


Why Hire Carpet Cleaning WDC?

Carpet Cleaning WDC has adequate skilled manpower in all its offices. Every rug repair expert is familiar weaving techniques and different materials used in rug. This gives an to our carpet cleaning professionals an upper-hand over others.

Rug repair is not a child’s play. One should understand the right color, material, weave and threads to do the task. Only experts/professionals can do that perfectly. And Carpet Cleaning WDC has teams that do it.