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Pet Damage

Owning pets is lovely. Dogs and cats can be your true friend. But with them comes home a responsibility to litter train them, to train them how not to damage the house property. But after all that, something goes wrong somewhere. And your pet damages the carpets and rugs or something else. You’re left with no other option but to call a professional company such as ours, Carpet Cleaning WDC.




Pet damage is quite common especially on carpets and rugs. Since carpets are installed on the floor at a high-traffic area, the chances damage go high. The common pet damages are:


Urine Damage

Urine damage needs immediate attention. It damages the carpet and also spoils the quality of air around the carpet. As time passes, the carpet may start to stink. The comfort of the carpet or rug is compromised because of the disorderly smell coming from it. Besides that, if the material of the rug is too delicate, pet urine can leave stains and patches too.


Carpets Shredded

Pets have a natural habit of digging the mud. They do so with the carpets as well. It leaves your carpets torn and shredded. In situations as such, homeowners need to take quick action. Or else the damage can grow bigger.

Pet damage can be repaired with ease. Carpet Cleaning WDC team of experts for pet damage can do the needful.


Chewing Carpets

Dogs chew the furniture for no reason. This can leave you fuming when your expensive furniture, carpet, rug is damaged just because your dog did a small mistake. The damage can be big or small. But damage is damage. It needs to fixed and carpets be repaired as soon as possible.


What Carpet Cleaning WDC Does?

Carpet Cleaning WDC knows how to deal with pet damages. It has access to the best cleaning products that remove the bad odor, clean the dirt and dust, repair the torn areas of the carpets, and fix the chewed areas as well. We do it all with ease.

So if you’re looking for DC carpet cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Fairfax VA, Carpet Cleaning Washington DC, Carpet Cleaning Alexandria VA, or anywhere in Washington, Virginia, or Maryland, give us a call now. We can take of the pet damages and bring back the glory of your carpets and rugs.