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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rug cleaning is a painstaking process. It requires years of experience and expertise. You may want to do it yourself but it’s better to seek professional help instead. Why take chances when not necessary? Carpet Cleaning WDC, a professional Oriental Rug Cleaning company, is here for you.

From carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, to mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc., we do it all. For any of the said works we’re available for you in cities across Washington, Virginia, and Maryland.

We’ve dedicated teams to attend customer queries and resolve them at the earliest. Even in case of Oriental rug cleaning, carpet cleaning WDC has a special team with the best equipments and techniques in place.




How Often Do You Require Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Oriental rug cleaning is often done once in 6-12 months. If the rug is placed in a high-traffic area of the house/office, then the duration is lot less. Once every six months to be precise. Besides the duration factor, some techniques also inform you whether or not, Oriental rug cleaning is required.

For example: A rug placed on the floor gathers dust. Running your hand over it for a minute will help you understand it better. The more the dust comes out, the more badly the rug needs cleaning.

With that being said, cleaning the rug too often ruins the material. So it should be done only when required.


Why is Oriental Rug Cleaning Important?

Rug cleaning or carpet cleaning is important. Why? Because accumulated dust, dirt, and stains cause respiratory illnesses. Moreover, leaving the rug unclean for a long period ruins its quality and damages the fur.


How Carpet Cleaning WDC Can Help?

Carpet Cleaning WDC, as mentioned above, is a professional firm. It understands the importance of cleanliness. It also understands how tough it is keep the rugs clean, especially when there are pets and children playing all around.  Keeping such things in mind, our aim is to provide service which saves your time, yet keeps your house rugs and carpets clean all the time.

We ensure:

  • Proper assessment prior cleaning work begins.
  • Your Oriental Rugs are cleaned to last long.
  • Use of the finest cleaning liquids.
  • That the rugs are cleaned properly and dried in a dust-free area.


How to Get in Touch?

Carpet cleaning WDC is easy to reach. A phone call or an email is what it takes. So for Oriental rug cleaning get in touch with us now!