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Area Rug Cleaning

Have your beautiful area rug turned dirty? It’s time for area rug cleaning. When you think of cleaning, you always have two options. One is do-it-yourself. Two is to hire an excellent carpet cleaning company that also does area rug cleaning. The first option is tiresome and isn’t result-oriented either, whereas, the second option seems just perfect for most.

Carpet Cleaning Washington DC is the company you’re looking for, if you decide to go with the second option. What we do and how we do the area rug cleaning is no secret. With high-skilled, dedicated, experienced, and well-equipped teams on our side, it’s something we do with ease.

Carpet Cleaning WDC has its offices in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Anyone from these places can contact us via phone or email. And our team will be quick enough to respond and do the needful for you.




Area Rug Cleaning Steps:


1.     Area of the Rug

Area rug cleaning prices and the efforts put-in are determined by the total area of the rug. Our experts consult the homeowner about the total area. They also measure it using a tape, in case the exact area is not known. This helps in planning and doing the work more effectively.


2.     Identify the Type of Rug

The type of rug determines the method used for rug cleaning. Considering the convenience the homeowners always want, carpet cleaning WDC implements the best method. Irrespective of whether you hire carpet cleaning Fairfax VA, carpet cleaning Columbia MD, or any other branch of ours, we check the type of rug and the material it is made of. Then proceed further.


3.     Find the Stains, Holes

Next important aspect is to locate the stains, dirt, and any damages on the rug. It helps decide what solution to be used and in how much quantity.


4.     Decide the Area Rug Cleaning Method

DC carpet cleaning also includes area rug cleaning. It is done with utmost care and diligence. Experts select an appropriate method through their years of experience and knowledge on the subject. Then the process of area rug cleaning is carried out by the carpet cleaning WDC experts in an amicable way.


Carpet Cleaning WDC – Area Rug Cleaning Prices

Area rug cleaning prices are set in two ways – one is on lump-sum basis, two is on the area of the rug which is calculated per square feet. However, the options are not limited to just these two methods. You can contact us for a quote and let us know your area rug cleaning requirements. And we shall take it forward from there.

Its time you bring the lost glory of the area rug. Hire Carpet Cleaning WDC and see the rug shine like new.